Landlord's Three day notice calculator

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Deadline to Pay Rent:
Details of the calculation of the 3-day period

Florida Statute 83.56(3) requires that a landlord give a tenant a three day notice before a tenant's lease can be terminated for failure to pay rent. The notice should specify the date when the tenant must pay rent. When calculating the three day period, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays are not included. Also the day that the notice is given is not included. Use this calculator to calculate the deadline for the tenant to pay rent in a 3-day notice. Enter the date that you wish to give a 3-day notice and this calculator will calculate the deadline for the tenant to pay the rent. The calculator uses the legal holidays recognized by the Leon County, Florida clerk. The holidays recognized by clerks in other counties may vary, therefore, this calculator may not correctly calculate the 3-day notice deadline in other counties when there are legal holidays that occur during the 3-day period. If you are giving the three day notice to the tenant by mail, you should add an additional 5 days to the time allowed for the tenant to pay the rent.

caution This calculator includes the legal holidays observed in Tallahassee and Leon County, Florida. The holidays observed in other counties may vary so it may not correctly calculate the deadline for other counties.


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